Western Process Heat -LEISTER direct importer

WPH stocking distributors are required to service the LEISTER equipment that they sell.  You can rest assured that all of our sales and service centers will provide you with the information you need to make a purchasing decision or repair your LEISTER equipment using only original LEISTER parts.

ASC - www.HotAirTools.com offers the complete line of LEISTER hot air tools and blowers for all markets -  (800)694-1472

Cleasby Manufacturing

www.Cleasby.com has 3 sales and service centers offering the complete line of LEISTER roofing equipment.

California (800)253-2729

Colorado (800)525-1399 and

Utah (800)453-2446

INTECH Equipment - www.intechequipment.com has 2 locations in the western US; California (909) 388-1071 and Arizona (602)257-0738 they focus on the Roofing market.


www.roofmaster.com (800)421-6174. Roofmaster has 3 stocking locations, Monterey Park CA, Hayward CA and Pacific WA to service the LEISTER roofing market.

Steve Garlock Equipment

www.stevegarlockequip.com (888)635-6414.

This sales & service center is in Portland OR and services the LEISTER roofing market.

Turbo Heat Welding Tools has a range of heat welding tools for flooring installers in Brea, CA. https://turboheatweldingtools.com/

(714) 522-4290

Uzin Utz North America Inc. is a supplier of professional flooring equipment in Aurora, CO. http://us.uzin-utz.com/(720)-374-4810